Resin Sea Sponge


Making an artificial sea sponge out of Smooth-Cast 325 Colormatch resin.

You can create perfect copies of any original Sea Sponge model using mold rubber and liquid plastic.  Using different colors, you can create a limitless variety of casting effects to make plastic Sea Sponge display pieces that are one-of-a-kind and unique to your aquarium. 

Advantages/Benefits to Making Your Own Custom Sea Sponge:

  1. Custom design

  2. Easy maintenance

  3. Will last indefinitely

  4. Eliminates reef harvesting

  5. Low cost

  6. Aquarium-safe (will not harm fish, invertebrates or other sea life)

  7. Chemically inert

Smooth-On Products Featured in Step-by-Step Tutorial:

  1. Mold Rubber: Dragon Skin®10 Silicone

  2. Resin: Smooth-Cast 325®COLORMATCH Urethane Resin

  3. Colorant: SO-Strong®Color Tints (for urethane foam, resin and rubber)

  4. Tools/Accessories: Smooth-On Vacuum Chamber

Sea Sponge

Reproducing a Sea Sponge using Mold Rubber, Liquid Plastic and Color Tints