Resin Cast Live Rock


Making a unique faux live rock with aquarium-safe plastic. No two pieces alike.

Making your own live rock offers an infinite variety of design / color possibilities and the benefit of having custom display pieces that no one else has.  The following is an innovative and unique process that incorporates resin, filler, foam and river rock to make live rock.  Your finished live rock castings will look exactly like live rock.  They will be durable and last for many years in your aquatic environment.

Advantages/Benefits to Making Your Own Cast Live Rock:

  1. Hyper-realistic -  will look exactly like live rock

  2. Low cost

  3. Eliminates reef harvesting

  4. Limitless, custom design and color options

  5. Easy maintenence

  6. Will last indefinitely

  7. Chemically inert

  8. Tested Aquarium-Safe (will not harm fish, invertebrates or other sea life)

Smooth-On Products Featured in Step-by-Step Tutorial:

  1. Resin (used to coat foam): Smooth-Cast 321®Urethane Resin

  2. Resin (used to paint casting): Smooth-Cast 325®Urethane Resin

  3. Filler(used to create texture): URE-FIL®11 Urethane Filler

  4. Colorant: SO-Strong®Color Tints (for urethane foam, resin and rubber)

  5. Sealant: Sonite Wax®Paste Wax

“Making Your Own” is part of Smooth-On’s instructional aquarium series.  There is a lot to learn by viewing our easy to understand videos and extensive step-by-step photo galleries.

Live Rock

Create Your Own Cast Live Rock Using Smooth-Cast 321