Foam Aquarium Backdrop


This video demonstrates how to make a custom 3D foam background for your aquarium using Smooth-On foams, rubbers, and plastics.

An easy way to add realism and beauty to your aquarium is to make a custom background. Using Smooth-On products, you can create custom foam rock walls that will perfectly fit and compliment your aquarium. The hardest part is deciding on your design!

Advantages/Benefits to Making Your Own Custom Backdrop:

  1. Low profile

  2. Minimum water displacement

  3. Custom design

  4. Custom fit (can be tiled to fill large areas)

  5. Easy maintenance

  6. Will last indefinitely

  7. Eliminates reef harvesting

  8. Low cost

  9. Aquarium-safe (will not harm fish, invertebrates or other sea life)

  10. Chemically inert

Smooth-On Products Featured in Step-by-Step Tutorial:

  1. Mold Rubber: Rebound®25 Silicone

  2. Support Shell: Plasti-Paste®II Trowelable Plastic

  3. Rigid Foam: Foam-iT!®5 Rigid Urethane Roam

  4. Resin (used to paint on foam): Smooth-Cast 327®Urethane Resin

  5. Colorant: SO-Strong®Color Tints (for urethane foam, resin and rubber)

  6. Sealant: Sonite Wax®Paste Wax

Rock Scape

Make Your Own 3-D Aquarium Background Using Foam-iT! 5 Rigid Foam